The hottest form of media marketing has now been topped by Video Marketing. Achieving success in marketing was never this easy as it is with video marketing. The age we are living in is a digital marketing age. Therefore it becomes apparent to choose the best option available.

A short length video gives more value than a lengthy paragraph. Video Marketing is a new marketing weapon. Customer’s affection to select video option for their search before moving to any other option is increasing these days. The love affair with the videos has changed the digital marketing strategy. More visual and less textual contents are trending these days.

Do you know why Google acquired YouTube? The reason is simple, that search engine loves video. Video content got instant popularity on social media platforms.

Performing Video Marketing effectively where video speaks to the target market, engage and educate the customer with complete focus on the customer not company’s brand.

Video engages a customer in a way that text, graphics or a photo cannot. Video has become even more mainstream than ever before. If you are doing a business, it is important to have some product or service video that may help customer in their decision process.

People generally recall every video viewed by them in the last month or even before. Video is found to have a powerful impact if we take conversion rates into consideration.

The future of print media is uncertain as almost everyone is choosing video over text these days and it will be increase in future as the awareness increases. Most of the people are consuming all of the information and entertainment from videos. Video has truly taken over the way we interact, the way we consume information and also the way we market product or services.

Cool Hacks for a new Video Marketing:

  • Strong video title
  • Creating links
  • Enhancing chance to show up in search by uploading transcripts
  • Customize URL(s)
  • Adding clickable links to video(s)
  • Find appropriate audio tracks and sound effects.

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