HTML was developed for the web and was the very first internet language. Whatever is displayed over the internet is organized through HTML. Web development process is evolved with HTML itself. After creating the basic HTML Markup document the dynamic concepts can be taken into consideration and can be embedded in that specific file.

HTML5 is the greatest and the latest version of HTML. With its introduction many of new features can be added like integration of video and audio. HTML5 is a hybrid of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. With HTML5, the developer’s speed of work increases with efficiency. HTML5 makes a website’s architecture more agile, mobile compatible and also compatible with many more browsers. HTML5 also incorporates new features of APIs like video playback, drawing option, effects like drag and drops that developers may implement using plug-ins.

HTML uses longer and complex docotype declaration and character encoding whereas HTML5 uses short and simple docotype declaration and character encoding.

Drawing shapes like triangle, rectangle or circle are not possible in case of HTML whereas Html5 allows drawing these shapes.

HTML is used to build non-animated/ non interactive static webpages. If animation required, HTML uses flash. HTML5 provides media support like video and audio tags and is also able to handle animation without using flash.

HTML doesn’t have ability to develop the Website via CSS and Javascript whereas HTML5 has the ability to do the same.


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