Difference between SQL and NoSQL

Difference between SQL and NoSQL

SQL have served as main programming language for database management for many a years. After NoSQL joined as an option to SQL, the database manager gets free from column and tables of SQL. These tables and columns never suits unstructured data of big data. These days, NoSQL is preferred over SQL because of the increased need to process high volume of data at rapid rate. NoSQL enable storing heterogeneous and unstructured data.

Structured Query Language
Relational database
Table based
Predefined schema
Vertically scalable
Good fit for the complex query
Excellent support are available
Emphasizes on ACID properties
Examples: MySql, Oracle, Sqlite, Postgres and MS-SQL.
Non Structured Query Language
Distributed database
Document based
Unstructured data
Horizontally scalable
Good fit for the hierarchical data storage
Limited outside experts are available
Follows the Brewers CAP theorem ( Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance)
Examples: MongoDB, BigTable, Redis, RavenDb

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