Algorithms: The Decider

Algorithms: The Decider

Internet is in the pocket of everyone now-a-days and for that we have to thank evolution of smart phones that has allowed access to a variety of online services like games, shopping, social media, music, video and content etc.

All of these programs and apps use ‘algorithms’. These code influences and shape most of the aspects like our friend selection, our earnings, economic growth or sometimes our choice of life partner. In a rushed life, algorithms help us to choose the best out of available options. Algorithm may discriminate its users. We may not realize if algorithms are taking decisions for us. Algorithms are deciding, what gets attention and what is ignored, even what gets published, and what is censored. Algorithms are just like HR Managers taking part in hiring and firing of employees.

Algorithms are codes that just carry some set of instructions. Algorithms work as gatekeepers to Google Search Engine. It is very complex and very hard to understand by humans. The calculations performed by Algorithms are real complex one. We should care the ethics of Algorithms in order not to be discriminated by an Algorithm.

Here comes a question-

Can Algorithm decide the future?


Do Algorithms make decisions for us, about us, or with us?

Algorithms make an application usable. We can say, we do need Algorithms to cope with large amount of information or data produced every second. Algorithms are actually making lives easy by filtering large data to show relevant results to your searches over Google. On the other hand it is important to understand the logic of Algorithms decisions in order not to let Algorithm decides our future because Algorithms are made by humans and can also be sometimes biased just as humans. Algorithms can never be better than decision maker than human beings.


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