Flaws in Web Design may hurt your business

Flaws in Web Design may hurt your business

Complex Navigation:

  • Keep navigation simple with horizontal menu and small descriptive labels (up to 7) at the top of page because making it hard to navigate your website when visitor try to explore you may result in losing customer

Logo should be clickable:

  • It has been observed that people more frequently tries to click the logo of the company to directly reach the home page of the company. To make logo clickable follow the below steps.
  • Put tag b/w opening tag and a close it with tag.

Big / Too Many Images / Videos / Animation

  • Your site may significantly slow down because of using heavy/too many images/videos/animation.
  • Recent observations found that people stop associating with websites if it takes too much time to load. Using image optimizer like Optimizilla may reduce the pixel count while retaining the quality of the image. For those who uses slow internet connections, you may offer lighter version of pages like HTML

Annoying Interstitials:

  • Google has recently announced penalty for overusing interfering advertisement.
  • Frequent increase in dropped ranking and bounce rate of your website.
  • Fix this problem by using advertisements only if it is your content strategy not a profit strategy.

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